What we can do for you

Nearly everything …

Windfang-Media is a mixture of editorial office, text service and publishing house. We write texts, edit texts and publications and publish books (e-book and print).

Other services include document library and database management.

We love technology. That’s why we also like to write about it.

Our Services

  • Authoring (book texts, articles and web contributions)
  • Text editing (proofreading, post-editing)
  • Editing (structure of media and articles)
  • Catalog design
  • Advertising copy & keywords
  • Documentation & databases for projects
  • Library management and inventories
  • Digitization

About Windfang Media (Windbreak Media)

A windbreak (Windfang) is a room that you enter first as a guest. It separates the cozy interior of the house from the harsh environment. It is a sluice between one’s own world and the outside and protects us.

Books and texts reflect the world outside, but they are not reality. They merely describe it. Many authors – including very famous ones – never got to see the settings of their descriptions. That hasn’t stopped them from often describing the world vividly enough to capture our imagination.

We don’t need AI to write our texts. We can do it better ourselves. For you, too.


In the future, new posts will appear here …


Christof Schramm

im Hollergrund 29

28357 Bremen Germany

E-Mail: info@windfang-media.de